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Articles containing the tag "Accounts Production"

Sarah Dudley (9)
28 April 2020

Companies House Same day services suspended

Due to the closure of Companies House office, the ability to fast track company registrations and certain company information has been SUSPENDED until further notice. Companies House have advised customers that any incorporation or change of name filings with the same day indicator will fail validation.




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Robert Wilcock (1)
20 June 2018

June release

With GDPR and Accountex 2018, May was an extremely busy month for everyone. But that didn’t stop our relentless schedule of improvements and product development. The June updates contains important GDPR updates to your engagement letters and a new integration with Quickbooks online.




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Martin Davey (8)
21 February 2018

How our latest Accounts Production updates will add zip to your practice

After picking up the trophy for best Accounts Production software at AccountingWEB’s Software Excellence awards 2017, we didn’t want to rest on our laurels. In fact, we’ve been busy improving TaxCalc Accounts Production further still to help you stay compliant and increase your efficiency. We’re delighted to share our latest updates with you here:

  • A refresh of the styling within Edit Notes
  • New quick filter and access options
  • Improvements to Admin level notes and disclosures
  • Additional statement preferences for FRS 102 1A
  • Plus, many more…




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Martin Davey (8)
21 December 2017

Late Filing. The facts and figures (and how to avoid a £1,500 sting in the tail).

Companies filing their accounts late can incur an eye-watering £1,500 fine after six months. One would think that’s enough to focus the mind, yet the number of penalties being handed out by Companies House has seen a spike over the past year. The stats for the year to March 2017 make interesting reading...




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Martin Davey (8)
13 December 2017

An expert’s view on the New Small Companies Regime: Q&A with Steve Collings

With the new Small Companies Regime now in full swing (and, following the first mandatory filing deadline for FRS 102 section 1A and FRS 105 accounts with a December 2016 year end), we thought we’d take some time to reflect on its adoption. And so we’ve reached out to industry expert Steve Collings for a short Q&A to give his opinions on some of the challenges adopters are still facing.




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Martin Davey (8)
10 October 2017

Meet the team - Martin Davey

Innovation in Practice, The Digital Tax People, passion, creativity, simplicity, fun, enjoyment, respect, to name just a few.  Are they just words or do they mean something more? I’ve only been here a few months and have already seen first-hand how these descriptors make TaxCalc who and what we are.




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Martin Davey (8)
06 October 2017

Right Said FRED 67. Or not?

We always try to share information and insights to support your life in practice. In this case, it’s the curious case of additional disclosures required by Micro-Entities (FRS 105)

Until recently, it hasn’t been necessary for accountants to provide much in the way of notes to Micro-Entity accounts. But that’s now changed.




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Kate Webb (14)
12 July 2016

First TaxCalc SmartPractice Seminar goes down a storm!

Friday 24th June 2016 saw the first TaxCalc SmartPractice Seminar take place at The Aviator Hotel, Farnborough.

The feedback from the seminar has been outstanding with over 90% confirming they would attend again in 2017 and over 85% would recommend the SmartPractice to other practitioners.




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