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Corporate Social Responsibility

Contributing towards a better and more sustainable society.

Our Approach

At TaxCalc we take our corporate social responsibilities very seriously. We believe that everyone in the company has a voice and a role to play, no matter how small, in contributing towards a better and sustainable society.

We want our world to be fit for purpose for future generations to enjoy. That means thinking of others and the impact of our actions in our community and the wider world.

To drive our thinking and plans, we have appointed a director at Board level to oversee our CSR activities.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility Vision Statement

To simply be kind to one another, working together to create a better, kinder world, based on trust, respect and doing the right thing in every way we can.

Our understanding of social responsibility is informed by the best practices outlined in ISO 26000 guidelines, combined with our own outlooks and beliefs.

Craig Parker - CSR Director

"To simply be kind to one another, working together to create a better, kinder world, based on trust, respect and doing the right thing in every way we can."

Craig Parker - CSR Director

Code of Ethics

Our responsibility

It’s our ethical and moral responsibility to ensure that all employees, customers and suppliers are respected and receive fair treatment at all times.

Be courteous and responsive in dealing with others.

  • Be committed to social justice by opposing prejudice, injustice and dishonesty
  • Be honest, trustworthy and accountable
  • Build relationships on mutual respect

Or in short, simply be kind.


We believe in wellbeing in the workplace and have introduced an initiative to foster a more holistic approach to the health and wellbeing of all employees.

We encourage exercise and run mindfulness sessions at lunchtimes. We also make every effort to support staff who experience stress, anxiety, depression and other mental health conditions.


We’re continually working to minimise our impact as a business on the environment and promote best practice amongst staff and suppliers.

Office Waste & Recycling

Printed materials

We do our best to restrict the use of printed promotional materials, favouring email and in-app communication where possible.

When we do print material we aim to estimate the requirements accurately to avoid over-printing and wastage.

Any offset litho printed material commissioned by TaxCalc confirms to ISO 9001 standards.

General waste

All personal bins have been removed since moving to our new office location in August 2017.

Central bins are located within each of the three open office areas and three kitchen areas.

We have seen a drastic reduction in general waste since the removal of personal bins.

Milk bottle tops

All milk bottle tops are collected on behalf of a charity (plus employees can bring their own milk bottle tops to add to this).

Toner recycling

Toner cartridges are donated to charity once empty.

Internal printing

Staff are advised to follow general good practice to avoid waste (for example: printing on both sides; use e-mail wherever possible; sharing physical publications).

Dry recycling

Dry mixed recycling has been in operation for a number of years within the office, with bins located in each of the three kitchen areas.


Our Events team re-use packaging to move events stock to and from each venue. The transportation of event stock is minimised to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

IT equipment

All IT equipment is disposed of in accordance to WEEE regulations.


We value the community beyond simply providing employment for those who live nearby.

We actively support a local charity, Launchpad, which is dedicated to reducing homelessness in the community. Our support ranges from financial and emergency goods donations to awareness campaigns and career aid.