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Andy North (2)
06 February 2024

Events and conferences 2024

Conference season is almost upon us and this year there are more events than ever.  For us here at TaxCalc conferences and exhibitions are a not to be missed chance to get out and catch up with our everyone. We can get invaluable feedback on our products and service, hear the latest speakers share their views on the profession and of course have some fun with our awesome customers too.  




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Andy North (2)
26 August 2021

What do accountants really think about advisory?

Last month, we surveyed over 300 firms across the UK, asking how practitioners felt about the value of compliance and how keenly they were adopting ‘advisory’ services. 

The aim was to understand how well the ‘advisory is the future’ message that’s been broadcast to firms for the past twenty years or so has resonated – that the traditional model of selling compliance services (those which focus on historical data and the reporting regulations that surround them) should be de-emphasised as a source of revenue in favour of proactive ‘advisory’ services. 




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