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What's new?

TaxCalc Winter 2020
Product Update

This Winter update complements our recent major release in November which featured a plethora of improvements and new developments across many of our product categories. Our latest update brings further enhancements many of which are focused on enabling you to work even more effectively, addressing the challenges as a result of enforced remote working and legislative changes brought about by Brexit and COVID-19.

We are committed to improving our products to keep you productive, compliant and future-proofed – whatever happens in our industry and in the wider world.

See the latest highlights



Tax Return Production

Tax Return Production updates

Faster Corporation Tax Returns

Improved Integration for faster Corporation Tax Returns

Quickstart your CT Return using your Account Production data to auto-populate period dates and import values to improve navigation, minimise potential errors, streamline your process and save you time.

The ‘quick look up’ and ‘easy reference’ features reduce the need to search files for appropriate dates or find screens to import data to start populating your CT return, thus combining return creation and importing of data into one process.

Never forget long periods of accounts requiring two CT returns again

By selecting Next Return the software will remember the remaining months on a long period that still require a CT return.

The benefit of Next Return is that it remembers if long periods of accounts have been used and defaults to creating the remaining period required for the next CT return.

This saves you time by automating the process and ensures accuracy of data.

SA800 Partnership Tax Return

New Data Entered Summary

A simplified way to review data entered on the SA800 Partnership Tax Return, which complements the new partnership business summary, providing an overall picture of the Partnership Tax Return.

Easily edit CT600 Corporation Tax period dates

Now you can simply access and edit dates on the opening screen without having to open the Return itself – saving you time and clicks!

Additional validation between A800 Partnership and SA100 Individual Tax Returns

Proactively prevents potential errors as users will be notified if the partnership information on the individual's Tax Return is not up to date with the Partnership Tax Return, ensuring you always have the latest information.


Accounts Production

Accounts Production updates

Electronic filing of dormant accounts

Remote compliance made easier

Working remotely with TaxCalc has just got even easier. Now you can file dormant accounts electronically to Companies House. Forget about printing and posting. Improve your workflow and move one step closer to becoming a paperless office. With TaxCalc's flexible filing, you no longer need to use any other alternative services, such as Companies House Filing, which limits what you can electronically provide saving you time and money.

Improved bookkeeping integration

Effortless connectivity and transfer of data

In preparation for a world where data entry for accounting information will no longer be required, we’ve improved the workflow for maximising client selection and importing records. We’ve also added reference information for clearer tracking and comparing data between your accountancy software.

For all bookkeeping integrations you can:

  • Import across third party accounts descriptions into TaxCalc.
  • See a Check and Finish warning if importing from a period that was not locked( and therefore the information may be subsequently changed).

For FreeAgent integration:

  • The client selection list will now show all clients and is no longer limited to 25 clients
  • Imports of greater than 25 lines of entries is now possible

For Xero integration:

  • A trial balance import is available for leap years

Customisation enhancements

Customisation enhancements to the financial statements.

Templated accounts are restrictive and not appropriate for a lot of small companies. TaxCalc Accounts Production allows users to add their own personal touches. This provides the perfect balance of choice so our users are not overwhelmed with options but have the flexibility they need to produce a set of professional-looking compliant set of accounts.

You now have the option to:

  • Display dormant on the cover page
  • Use a 'Period end' reference if the accounting period ends within the seven day rule

Presentation enhancements

Presentational enhancements to the trading profit and loss account

With our enhanced accounts layouts, you can stay compliant effortlessly, with a professional look and feel to your sets of accounts. Your TaxCalc-generated financial statements will communicate the care and attention to detail you put into the accounts services that you provide to your clients.

  • Page breaks have been enhanced i.e. totals will not appear on its own page and b/f c/f totals are consistently appearing.
  • Option to remove Corporation Tax from the Trading Profit and Loss account.
  • Formatting and Brackets on the Trading Profit & Loss accounts for Profit/Loss on disposal of fixed assets have been enhanced ensuring the profit is always shown as a positive value.

Gross Profit Percentage on Trading Profit & Loss Account


You have the option to include the Gross Profit Percentage in the Trading P&L, making it easier to analyse profitability and financial performance and show a more rounded set of accounts.

Easy resubmitting

Check a pending submission before resubmitting

Save precious time resubmitting documents to Companies House. At a click of a button TaxCalc verifies the latest status of a pending submission before resubmitting, allowing you to improve your workflow and prevent unnecessary errors through duplicate filing.

Additional Account Codes for COVID disclosures


Additional account codes for 'government grants' are now available for disclosures related to COVID-19. (Applicable to all business types, LTDs, LLPs, Sole trade and Partnerships).

This enables you to keep up to date with the latest COVID-19 changes, allowing you to account for the relevant grant as per Section 24 of FRS 102. This means that income received under the Job Retention Scheme can be accurately reflected in the accounts.

Impairment loss' and 'Reversal of impairments'


Accurately account for any impairments or reversal of impairments on your tangible and intangible assets.

This means that you can accurately account for any impairments or reversal of impairments on your tangible and intangible assets with the additional 'Impairment loss' and 'Reversal of impairments' Account codes.

Practice Manager Plus

Practice Management updates

Easy resubmitting

Check a pending submission before resubmitting

Save precious time resubmitting documents to Companies House. At a click of a button TaxCalc verifies the latest status of a pending submission before resubmitting, allowing you to improve your workflow and prevent unnecessary errors through duplicate filing.

Bulk activation of jobs

Streamlined onboarding

Work smarter and onboard new clients faster with our new Bulk Activate Jobs tool, saving you precious time by allowing you to activate multiple job templates against numerous services for as many clients as required.

Bulk assigning to teams

Work smarter and faster

Assign work to Teams instead of individuals.

In addition to assigning Jobs and Tasks to individual users, you now have the ability to assign Jobs and Tasks to Teams, which means saving time without having to manually update.

You are also able to give visibility of pending workload to a group of staff, allowing your practice to place priority on various client needs and operate more effectively.

This means that you can work smarter and faster, empowering your team to manage priorities, remove bottlenecks and improve effective decision making.

Greater prominence of Statutory Deadlines


Gain clearer visibility of the statutory deadlines for your Jobs and Tasks with the 'Statutory Deadline' column in the reports, and work management screens.

Customisation and Control


Tailor to your practice

Add Default Work Item Statuses on creation of your work items in Admin to tailor to your practice requirements – which enables you to keep track of the current practice workload.

Tasks Assigned To Me Widget


Quickly view your tasks

Enhanced the existing Task assigned to me (and other users) widget to include the Task Name and Assignee.

This means that you can easily identify the individual Task name, plus who each Task is assigned to all in one central place.

Reporting to assist the management of tasks and marketing


Work Item Status in Task Reports
Stay on top of all work going through your practice – interrogate individual work items within a set task to identify any work that’s behind schedule, needs prioritising or requires assistance.

Improved Consent Status in Client Reports
Stay GDPR-compliant and see the latest consent statuses to give you a quick and clear view of your marketing opportunities.


TaxCalc Time updates

Customised column view preferences

Greater flexibility

We've added a preference to remember your column choices on Time Logs, Time Analysis and WIP Overview screens, letting you customise how you view these screens. A new column for Minutes-only format on Time Logs, Time Analysis and WIP Overview screens has also been added.

Easily bill initial WIP

Greater visibility on billing status

Your initial WIP can be billed from the WIP Overview screen, even if no new time or expense logs are associated with the relevant client service. This can also be easily seen from the client Services Rendered screen on the client record.

AML Centre

Run AML ID Checks within AML Centre for related parties

Need to run an AML ID check for an individual related party, such as a client’s spouse, as part of your AML obligations? Now you can do so from within AML Centre. If you need to, you can seamlessly sync back the verification records to Practice Manager. It’s a neater and more efficient way to maintain your client records and comply to AML regulations.

AML Identifications

Companies House Forms
and Company Incorporator

Updated forms for Brexit Modifications


We’ve got the changes required for Brexit covered

We’ve introduced eight updated versions of existing forms with changes to EEA corporate officers to ensure compliance with Companies House changes:

  • AA01 Change of accounting reference date
  • AP02 Corporate director appointment
  • AP04 Appoint a company secretary
  • CH02 Change corporate director detail
  • CH04 Change of corporate secretary details
  • CS01 Confirmation statement
  • IN01 Company incorporation
  • LLIN01 LLP incorporation

Enhanced validation updates

Ensure first-time incorporation success

We’ve updated sensitive names and regulated words list using Companies House latest guidance for cross referencing on incorporation. Validate appropriate use of names and flagging where additional evidence is required by Companies House.

VAT Filer

Brexit Compliance update

Keep up-to-date with the latest EC Sales Lists

New Brexit revisions to the EC Sales Lists include include three new indicators for transport of stock, return of stock and a new intended acquirer.

VAT Filer

See the full release notes

You can also find guides, videos and other supporting information on all our products at

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