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Sarah Dudley (9)
28 April 2020

Charity Commission advice, MTD for VAT soft landing period extended and IR35 Delayed

The Charity Commission has advised that charities due to submit an Annual Return imminently, but are unable to do so, can email them to request a filing extension. Coronavirus guidance for the charity sector provides information in response to the most commonly asked questions about operating during this period.




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Andrew Webb (6)
27 February 2020

TaxCalc News February

HMRC Update on off-payroll (IR35) rules

Whilst a review of the IR35 implementation plans continues in the House of Lords until the end of this month, HMRC have announced changes to the draft legislation.

 HMRC has confirmed that the new rules for contractors, working for medium and large-sized companies, will affect services provided after 6 April 2020 and will not be applied retrospectively regardless of payments made after this date. Where the services are performed by the contractor before 6 April 2020 it will continue to be the responsibility of the contractor and their personal service company (PSC) to decide if the work falls within IR35 and pay the right amount of tax to HMRC.




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Chris Norton (12)
29 October 2019

October news: New products, advice, MTD and more

What with all that’s going on in the world, it’s easy to get overloaded with information. So we’ve brought you the most relevant news and updates relating to your life in practice. Here’s our October roundup of some of the latest changes in legislation, plus pertinent product news and advice.




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Andrew Webb (6)
21 August 2019

MTD for VAT is here, how are you faring?

Following the introduction of MTD for VAT and the first quarterly submission deadline having just passed on the 7th August, we’ve taken a look through 4 of the common errors encountered with the HMRC MTD portal.

Like most processes any big changes can lead to a question of ‘We can’t know what we don’t know’, if you encounter an error for the first time.




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Martin Davey (8)
05 February 2019

MTD. VAT. Brexit... AOK?

While the UK finds itself these days having to manoeuvre political and economic minefields, the accountancy profession faces its own increasing levels of uncertainty with technological, social and legal factors influencing practices at every turn.
The challenges have been continuous, with updated FRSs, the GDPR, MLRs and the imminent rollout of MTD for VAT with BREXIT and MTD for Business hot on their heels. There’s simply no getting away from the fact that change is inevitable.
These changes will affect the services you provide, how you interact with your clients – and how you manage your practice.




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Kate Webb (14)
15 May 2018

TaxCalc at Accountex 2018

We’d love to meet you!

The TaxCalc team will be on stand 250 at Accountex 2018! Held at ExCel London on 23rd and 24th May, Accountex is the UK’s largest exhibition and conference dedicated to the Accountancy and Finance profession.

We’re very excited about Accountex 2018! We’ve got lots to talk about, here’s a sneak preview into what will be happening on the TaxCalc Stand.




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Steve Checkley (22)
01 May 2018

Overview of our May release

Our latest video will introduce you to new and useful features we’ve packed into our latest release, helping you to prepare for GDPR and MTD.




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Steve Checkley (22)
19 October 2017

Confirming our Spreadsheet, Income Tax and VAT Filing Functionality as part of our MTD Solution

When TaxCalc MTD was unveiled at Accountex, we reassured the accounting community that our MTD strategy would accommodate spreadsheet users to record transactions for compilation into an online quarterly submission for HMRC.

Following further announcements from HMRC regarding VAT compliance, we can confirm that our VAT Filer solution will also be ready for the submission of VAT returns under MTD.




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