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Andy North (2)
06 February 2024

Events and conferences 2024

Conference season is almost upon us and this year there are more events than ever. For us here at TaxCalc conferences and exhibitions are a not to be missed chance to get out and catch up with our everyone. We can get invaluable feedback on our products and service, hear the latest speakers share their views on the profession and of course have some fun with our awesome customers too.

There's a lot of events in the early part of the year so it's going to be busy. We would love to see you so here's our schedule for the next 12 months.

29 Feb 20:20 Spring Conference London
4 March The Alternative Accountancy Management Summit Bedfordshire
14 - 15 March The Festival of Accounting and Bookkeeping (FAB) Birmingham
16 - 17 April The Digital Accountancy Show London
15 - 16 May Accountex London
17 Sept Accountex Summit Manchester Manchester
3 Oct TAG Community Conference Warwickshire
5 November 20:20 Annual Conference Birmingham

Visit our Events page to see all our upcoming events, webinars and Power Hour sessions.


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