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Pauline Smith (8)
22 April 2020

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme - deadline today for payment before end of the month

More than 285,000 businesses have already applied for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme since it went live on Monday 20 April.

To be sure payment comes through to employers before the end of the month, applications need to be made today (Wednesday 22‌‌ April).

Accessing the system

HMRC have noticed that some employers have had difficulty accessing the system because they do not have an active PAYE enrolment. In order to make a claim directly, employers need to:

  • have a Government Gateway (GG) ID and password – if your client does not already have a GG account, they can apply here, or by going to GOV‌.UK and searching for 'HMRC services: sign in or register'
  • be enrolled for PAYE online – if your client isn’t registered yet they can do so now, or by going to GOV‌.UK and searching for 'PAYE Online for employers'.

Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme Calculator

HMRC are updating the online calculator tool this afternoon, so that it covers more employment circumstances. The update will mean that you can use it to work out what employers can claim for most employees who are paid variable amounts each pay period, as well as those who are paid fixed amounts.

If you have already made a claim on behalf of an employer

You should retain all records and calculations for your claims, in case HMRC need to contact you about them. Provided claims are made in accordance with HMRC’s published guidance, receipt of funds can be expected six working days after your application.

HMRC will check claims made through the scheme and will act to protect public money against anyone who makes a claim using dishonest or fraudulent information.

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