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Alyson Vahidy (9)
09 January 2018

10 Top Tips to beat the 31 January Self-Assessment blues

You probably know that the deadline approaching for submitting your Self Assessment tax return is the end of this month. Here are ten tax return tips to help you file your Self Assessment return in time and without stress.

It’s not just being late that can lead to a nasty letter from HMRC or a fine. By using TaxCalc we’ll also help check for errors and fix issues before you file your return meaning you’ll be much less likely to make any mistakes!

  1. Make sure you register online – before you can file your tax return you’ll need to register with HMRC to get your Unique Taxpayer Reference. Make sure you do this as early as possible as it can take up to 10 days. You can register online if you haven’t already here.
  2. Don’t leave it until the last minute – the deadline for filing your tax return is 31st January. Don’t delay and get started as soon as possible.  You’re liable to an automatic £100 penalty for late filing of the Return even if you don’t owe any tax.
  3. Do you owe £3,000 or less in tax and have a PAYE code? – submit your tax return by 30 December and HMRC will allow tax you owe (if it’s £3,000 or less), to be collected through your Employment or Pensions PAYE code.
  4. The deadline for paying any tax you may owe is 31 January too – completing the return as early as possible ensures you can settle any liability by 31 January without incurring any interest.
  5. The deadline for paying your tax using a personal credit card is 13th January 2018 – after this time HMRC will no longer accept the use of a personal credit card to settle your tax bill.
  6. Get prepared by collecting all the necessary documentation needed to complete your return – make sure all receipts, statements and vouchers are to hand ready in time to prepare your return.      
  7. Seek help within TaxCalc – if you get stuck while filling in your return be sure to check out TaxCalc’s comprehensive help tools. Wherever you are in the software pressing F1 or clicking the “?” will take you to the help pages.
  8. Contacting Taxcalc Support – as you can expect, we’re very busy during January, so getting started on your tax return now, before the end of the month, will allow us to provide the necessary assistance more quickly.
  9.  Make sure you’ve got the right credentials to submit your Tax Return using Taxcalc – if you get an authentication error when trying to submit your return to HMRC, make sure you’re using the correct user identity and password.  
  10. Lost your online user ID and/or password – don’t worry you can request replacements by accessing the HMRC Online Helpdesk.


Good luck with Self Assessment!


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