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Tracy Ebdon-Poole (12)
04 May 2018

TaxCalc to be TaxAssist’s accountancy software partner

The multi award-winning franchisor, TaxAssist Accountants has appointed TaxCalc as its new software partner.

TaxCalc will provide TaxAssist’s 200+ franchised accountancy firms with a wide portfolio of products, including final accounts production, tax, practice management and Company Secretarial packages, running on its CloudConnect platform.

Following an extensive pilot, a phased six-month migration of network members is now underway.

We’re absolutely delighted to partner with TaxAssist Accountants on one of the most exciting projects in our thirteen year history. Over the past months, we’ve worked closely with TaxAssist’s Head Office and a number of practices to trial our software. The experience has been incredibly productive and given us a chance to really understand one another. Commercially there’s a real product fit, but I’m also happy to say that on another level, we just seem to click, sharing similar values, an entrepreneurial spirit and an unswerving customer focus. I’d like to thank both sides for the commitment that’s resulted in this announcement. Now the hard work really starts!

With 208 full-service accountancy franchises, TaxAssist Accountants is the UK’s champion for small businesses. Group Operations Director, Sarah Robertson, said “Having spent the past year heading a research group to ascertain the best software for our network, we are delighted to be partnering with TaxCalc. TaxCalc have been a real pleasure to work with and have been flexible and accommodating in their approach to our needs. We are very much looking forward to the development of our partnership."

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