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Tracy Ebdon-Poole (12)
22 April 2020

Trust us to take action in our time of need

As a family business, we hold dear the values that keeps a family together: respect, loyalty, caring for one another, belief in making the future better.

We have an amazing, devoted team that knows the importance of getting our products right and doing the right thing by our customers. In many ways our customers are like family to us. Many of them have been with us from the beginning. They get in touch when they need our help and in turn advise us on improving our products so they are the best they can be. Our customers stick up for us and it’s only right that we do all we can to support them during these uncertain and worrying times.

Next week we will announce a number of initiatives to enable our customers to work more effectively and cost-effectively, while launching our From TaxCalc With Love campaign in memory of my lovely Mum who died a year ago today.

The bravery of NHS frontline staff, the stories of courage and selflessness – not to mention the tragic losses we hear about every day – are humbling to say the least. We also cannot ignore the cost to our economy and communities. Those businesses that our customers serve are suffering and, as a result, our customers may well be suffering too.

We aren’t a huge corporation with shareholders to satisfy and deep pockets. But that gives us the autonomy to do what we want to do, when we want to.

As a company, in our spare time we are going to make visors, scrubs and scrub bags for the NHS. We have purchased two 3D printers and have orders in for five more and following an email to the company over the weekend we have the company and extended family all pitching in. We are also setting up Just Giving and Go Fund Me pages to fund the procurement and delivery of supplies.

We want to play our part. We want to help and support our customers and show our support and appreciation for the NHS.

We will get through this together.

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