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MTD for ITSA (Income Tax Self Assessment)

MTD for Income Tax and Self Assessment

We are HMRC-recognised for developing MTD Income Tax Self Assessment software.

The key requirement for all businesses falling within the MTD for ITSA regime will be to keep records digitally, make quarterly submissions and complete an annual tax declaration.

HMRCs current MTD timeline requires all self-employed individuals and property landlords with turnover exceeding £50,000 to join MTD for ITSA with effect from 6 April 2026.

Listen to Andy North and Dean Shepherd highlight the key issues for your team and your clients and our approach to addressing them.

What's TaxCalc doing to support accountants?

We are actively working on new solutions, as recognised by HMRC, as well as evolving our existing ones to make the transition into MTD for ITSA as seamless as possible.

TaxCalc Business Filer is our new MTD for ITSA bridging solution and allows our customers to submit quarterly submissions to HMRC. Those familiar with VAT Filer, our MTD for VAT bridging solution, will recognise the simplicity with which those submissions can be made.

See TaxCalc Business Filer in action

Business Filer will be released publicly in advance of MTD mandation allowing any customers who wish to join the HMRC pilot to do so one year ahead of the digital start date in April 2026.

Although Business Filer can ingest data from any spreadsheet, we have produced our own templates for recording transactions and summarising totals as a starting point for anyone that needs them. The totals can then be imported using VAT Filer (for quarterly MTD for VAT submissions) and using Business Filer (for quarterly MTD for ITSA submissions).

If you would like to download these sample spreadsheets then we have these available for free on our Knowledgebase site.

Supporting your full MTD for ITSA cycle

As MTD for ITSA will impact many areas of your practice, we have also evolved the other solutions in our suite to assist customers in preparing themselves for when MTD for ITSA goes live in April 2026.

TaxCalc MTD for ITSA workflow

If you wish to discuss any of the solutions highlighted in the above then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

MTD for ITSA Pilot

To ensure our customers are able to familiarise themselves with the MTD for ITSA process, and experience the full capability of our software with live clients, we shall be accepting invitations to join the pilot programme ahead of mandation in April 2026.

If you wish to register your interest in joining the MTD for ITSA pilot then please contact us on

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