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Making adjustments

Sometimes it’s necessary to make adjustments to the source data that is used to prepare your VAT Return and this can be easily done using VAT Filer.

Once your VAT Return has been created and your source data has been entered, go to the Adjustments menu, found under the VAT Return menu on the left hand side of your screen. Click on Add and a list of adjustments that can be made will be listed. This list is not exhaustive and if a specific adjustment is not listed you can use type ‘Other’ which allows you to create your own specific adjustment.

Click Add Record to create a record and then add your own description, the type of adjustment and which boxes should be adjusted. The record will be automatically saved and any detail can then be amended by selecting the relevant box.

To create another adjustment, click on the ‘Create another’ button at the bottom of the screen and the list of possible adjustments will again be displayed. Click Add record and enter the required details.

Each type of adjustment added will create a page within the left hand Adjustments menu. A summary of all the adjustments entered is also displayed on the main Adjustments menu screen for easy reference.

Once all of your adjustments have been added, select the Adjusted VAT data option. This provides an easy review of your original source data, the adjustments that have been added and the adjusted VAT figures that will make up your VAT Return.

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