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How to file a VAT Return using the MTD service

Once you have processed your VAT return and are happy that the information is complete, it can be sent directly to HMRC using the MTD service. Select Check and Finish from the left hand menu and File to HMRC. Assuming that authorisation for TaxCalc to interact with HMRC is still in place, a summary of the information to be submitted to HMRC will be displayed. You need to tick the box on screen to confirm that this data is accurate to the best of your knowledge and then click Continue. Click File Online to send the Return.

A response will be returned from HMRC and a history of the online filing for this VAT Return recorded for your reference.

If, for some reason, the authorisation for TaxCalc to interact with HMRC is not in place, at the point where you click File Online, you’ll see a window asking you to authorise TaxCalc to connect to HMRC for MTD VAT purposes. Click on the Authorise button to continue. The next screen takes you through HMRCs authorisation process. Click Continue and you’ll need to log in using your HMRC government gateway credentials (a user id with 12 digits and a corresponding password).

Once logged in you just need to confirm that you’re granting your copy of TaxCalc permission to view and submit your returns when you ask it to. In case you’re concerned, this is only for your copy of TaxCalc on the machine that you installed it on. Click on Grant Authority to confirm. That’s TaxCalc authorised!

Step 4: Making adjustments