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Setting up your business

Main VAT Home Screen

The VAT Filer module allows you to complete and submit VAT returns for your VAT registered business. Assuming you have a licence, click on the Open VAT Filer button to open the module in a new tab.

The Business screen allows you to create your business record to contain all of your returns.

Making a new business

Click on the New Business button to add your first business.

The New Business Profile window will open. If it’s your own self-employment or property business then choose Individual trade/property. If it’s a partnership or a limited company then choose one of these options.

The business will need a name to keep things clear and if it’s not a partnership or limited company, you should identify the business owner by entering their name. If you have more than one business, this will help to keep your data organised in the future.

The next section asks you for the information required for a VAT return submission. Enter the VAT Registration Number (or VRN). If you enter the date of VAT registration and flat rate scheme (if applicable) then TaxCalc wizards can help you to calculate your return later on. Enter the reporting period that you adopt which is how often you need to submit a return (be it monthly, quarterly or annually). This will help TaxCalc calculate any car fuel scale charge that may apply.

Assuming that you have already been to HMRC’s website and signed the business up to MTD, use the combo box on screen to indicate that the Business is enrolled for MTD VAT. You will not be able to file a VAT return using the MTD service until this has been done.

If you’re happy with the details you’ve entered, click on the Create button and your first business has been added.

Business Summary and Editing

On your VAT Business screen, you’ll see your new business record. If you need to update anything, just click on the Edit Business button.

Step by Step Guide for Businesses Step 2: Creating a VAT Return