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TaxCalc and Xero

Working awesomely together

Accounts Production

Now with Xero integration. The best just got better.

TaxCalc’s integration platform has been extended even further on our most recent release and now offers integration with online accounting software Xero.

Importing data from online accounting software has never been quicker.

TaxCalc Accounts Production provides you with an easy-to-use wizard to import a year-end trial balance directly from Xero in a few simple steps - saving both you and your client time and effort.

Exporting and sharing CSV files or manual entry of long trial balances are now a thing of the past.

You’ll find carefully thought-through features, including:

  • Warnings during import, highlighting potential factors to consider
  • Import map creation on a per client basis
  • Default mappings based on the default Xero chart of accounts (if you prefer, you can also use an existing import map)
  • Retention of all mappings for future use

So once you're familiar with everything, you’ll have a lot less to do - other than think what you will do with the time you save!

Watch Xero integrate with TaxCalc


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Accounts Production effortlessly produces statements and schedules.

Utilising a simple and straightforward workflow, backed up by innovative SimpleStep®
and Check & Finish® processes, you'll be able to prepare accounts quickly and efficiently.

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