TaxCalc MTD. The MTD solution for your practice.*

* Products, features and information subject to ongoing or future changes announced by HMRC.

Record. Report. Submit.

MTD can be seen as an enormous challenge or a great opportunity.

At TaxCalc we always believe in finding positive and practical answers to even the most complex things. That's why we're here to turn your future challenges into opportunities with a beautifully simple MTD solution for your practice: TaxCalc MTD.

TaxCalc MTD's powerful integrated practice solution will support you in onboarding your clients to MTD; manage your deadlines and organise your new workflow.

Rest assured with TaxCalc, you’ll be MTD-ready for anything.

Making Tax Digital. Sorted.

TaxCalc MTD is designed in exactly the same way as the award-winning, easy-to-use practice software our customers know and love, with MTD-ready solutions built into its core (rather than bolted onto a legacy system as certain providers we could mention).

Powered by SimpleStep, TaxCalc MTD integrates recordkeeping, quarterly reporting and tax return production, delivering a seamless experience from start to finish. The modular system comprises:

TaxCalc MTD CashBook

Making Tax Digital - TaxCalc CashBook

Design is subject to change

  • Unfussy recordkeeping software
  • Intuitive and easy to use
  • Offers recordkeeping for business & recordkeeping for property versions
  • Supports spreadsheet input
  • Imports data from clients' MTD CashBook records
  • Integrates seamlessly into MTD Business Tax

TaxCalc MTD Business Tax

Making Tax Digital - TaxCalc Business Tax

Design is subject to change

  • Quarterly reporting made simple
  • Accepts data from other sources and software
  • Generates/utilises client tax profile
  • Summarises transactions as three line or 15 line submissions
  • Processes tax adjustments
  • Uploads over HMRC API
  • Generates tax estimate
  • Integrates seamlessly into MTD Tax Return Production

TaxCalc MTD Tax Return Production

Making Tax Digital - TaxCalc Tax Return Production

Design is subject to change

  • Processes Other Income data
  • Calculates final tax position from ALL tax information available at HMRC
  • Submits Tax Year

How TaxCalc MTD makes it simple. For you and your clients.


Client income and expenditure with TaxCalc MTD CashBook.

Enables accurate and completely MTD-compliant record-keeping.


Quarterly updates to HMRC with TaxCalc MTD Business Tax.

Allows you to review and report updates quarter-by-quarter and finalise a client's tax position. There's even the flexibility to import data from other sources.


MTD-ready returns with TaxCalc MTD Tax Return Production.

Processes and finalises tax returns efficiently. Syncs with HMRC data - Employment State Benefits, Partnership Profit Split, Property, Self Employment - and populate the relevant fields so you don't have to.

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The Digital Tax Solution - TaxCalc MTD

Design is subject to change