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* Products, features and information subject to ongoing or future changes announced by HMRC.

Get ready for big changes in how you deal with your tax.

Tax is going digital and if you're self-employed, a landlord, a member of a partnership or a Trust with a trade, it's likely the changeover will affect you.

Haven't heard about Making Tax Digital?

Don't worry, there hasn't been a lot in the news yet. But there will be. Making Tax Digital (MTD) is an initiative from HMRC that will make recording and filing tax online mandatory. It will affect millions of people and businesses in the UK. What HMRC will ask of you isn't complicated - all you have to do is keep accurate records of everything you earn and spend that's related to your self-employed work, business or property.

You'll then have to report these records every three months. This is called Quarterly Reporting.

To do this, you'll need special software. That's where TAXCALC MTD CASHBOOK comes in.

What is TaxCalc MTD CashBook?

MTD record-keeping made easy

TaxCalc MTD CashBook is the easy-to-use record-keeping software that guides you through what you need to do one step at a time. All you have to do is type in the information requested and it does the rest. It will even remind you when you need to submit your Quarterly Reports to HMRC or your accountant.

TaxCalc MTD Cashbook - Tax Record Keeping for the Self-Employed, Small Business or Landlords.

Design is subject to change

TaxCalc MTD CashBook

  • Puts you in complete control of your digital tax obligations
  • Complies to HMRC’s exact requirements and updates if any changes occur
  • Works seamlessly with TaxCalc’s award-winning tax and accounting software – the choice of over 8,000 accountancy firms in the UK
  • Talks to other tax and accounting applications
  • Powered by Simple-Step® - it's beautifully simple to use

How TaxCalc MTD makes it simple for you.


Income and expenses with TaxCalc MTD CashBook. Enables accurate and completely MTD-compatible recordkeeping


Allows you to review and report updates quarter-by-quarter and finalise your tax position


Processes and finalises your MTD obligations efficiently

What you'll need to do.

  • Start keeping digital records - why not smooth the transition and start before it becomes mandatory
  • Register for a Business Tax Account - more to follow once legislation is published
  • Sign up for TaxCalc CashBook - keep your records - Coming Soon

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TaxCalc MTD - the digital tax solution

Design is subject to change