Installation and licensing the TaxCalc way

Our goal is to make using your TaxCalc software as easy as possible. This extends all the way through to how you buy, download and license.

Buying your software licence

Please use our website to build your order and pay for it, either by debit or credit card or by using your online banking. You will choose your operating system and type of download (standalone or network) when you are ready to download it.

All of our products are installed by using one of two installers.

Standalone installer

Simply run the standalone installer on your computer to install your software.

Network installer

You will run the network installer on both your server and the computers that wish to connect to it. You simply tell the installer what type of computer you're installing on. Furthermore, the server doesn't actually need to be a traditional server; just a computer on your network that holds the database will do.

There is no need to point computers to servers. We have developed a technology called the Discovery Service, which will automatically work out and configure your network connections for you.

The Discovery Service is capable of running on very simple network setups. Often this is as simple as a couple of computers sharing an Internet connection through a wireless router.


During the installation process, the software will ask you for your TaxCalc customer account details, which are the same as the username and password used to work with this website.

Once entered, the software will automatically fetch your licence key from our server and start running. It will do this each time you start your software, so any upgrades or new product purchases will appear automatically.