A long track record
The TaxCalc software brand has a thirty year heritage. Acorah Software Products Ltd was formed in 2005 specifically to safeguard this legacy and has since then been exclusively dedicated to servicing tax payers and tax professionals across the globe.

Safety in numbers
In addition to many thousands of small and medium sized accountancy practices there are also tens of thousands of individual customers who prepare their own returns on TaxCalc each year using the same underlying tax engine. To meet the needs of this large group, the software has to be not only extremely intuitive but also utterly reliable. All our practice customers benefit from this sturdy product structure.

Award winning support
Our UK-based support is award winning and unlimited in use. We simply try harder. In January, when our customers need us most, we extend our capacity and hours more than anyone else. Our established team has a wealth of both academic accountancy qualifications and also practical practice experience.

True integration
TaxCalc Accounts Production, TaxCalc Tax Return Production and TaxCalc Client Hub all share the same data to avoid duplication of work and re-entry errors.

Competitive and transparent pricing
TaxCalc includes everything you need with none of the bloated functionality and costly frills. What you see on our price tariff is what you get with no nasty surprises.

Practice Management tools for everyone
Included at no extra charge, TaxCalc Client Hub comprises of Task Management, Mail Merge (engagement letters, checklists and questionnaires) and reporting tools allow you to keep on top of your daily duties and responsibilities increasing practice efficiency.

'SimpleStep®' data entry
Our unique method of data entry is quick and efficient taking you to only the screens your earlier answers indicate you need to complete.

'Check & Finish' validation
Hundreds of validations are ready to instantaneously pick up any errors or omissions in the tax return. You can be confident knowing your returns will be accepted by HMRC and Companies House

Networking at no extra charge
The software will run happily standalone or on our business grade network version for the same price. Two concurrent users of each module are even included with the base package.

Future-proof software
We have used cloud-ready architecture for the latest generation of our software. Our tax packages do not rely on desktop-bound Microsoft Excel and TaxCalc Accounts Production system was built from scratch in the post-iXBRL world, requiring no manual tagging.

Work in the cloud without compromise
You can work anytime, anyplace, anywhere, thanks to our cloud-based solution Cloud Connect. It offers the same brilliantly simple desktop interface that our customers know and love while at the same time providing remote and seamless access to client data.